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mSafari helps PSVs Plan and operate for what is really needed. Reach operational excellence by matching public transport services with actual demand. Understand how PSVs service is combined with others and get deep insights into others’ mobility operations

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About mSafari

mSafari provides Manageable PSVs insights and analytics tools that helps to foster relationships with city and transport authorities. Prove the effectiveness of cashless payment and optimise its operations. Incentivise users to adapt a more sustainable mobility behaviour..

Transportation system insights

Benefit from 80+ actionable measures to monitor the overall transportation system and your operations, all in real-time. Ideal for mobility operators and smart city projects.

Traveler relationship management

Who are my customers? How do they travel and when? Understand mobility preferences, segment your customers and offer them them an individualised service.

User-centric experiences

Accompany your customers along their journey. Offer them contextual information and services when they need it the most for a seamless experience.

How to Register

PSV SACCOs Registration

Please click below to regitser your PSV Sacco. You will be prompted for your vehicle type, its number plate and the driver's phone number

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One-click contact tracing

You're reducing infection risk with a mSafari Hip, but it's best to be prepared for the worst case. We give you simple contact tracing to react quickly to a reported exposure.